Fashion Police Vigilante

A Brief History of The Fashion Police

In the beginning, there were fig leaves. Fig leaves are fine. . . if placed strategically and if exchanged for new fig leaves on a semi-regular basis. After fig leaves there came to be clothes, more or less. The first clothes weren't pretty, but at least they served a purpose - covering up unsightly features of primitive, hairy people.

Many centuries later, somewhere (we are still investigating in order to bring the guilty parties to justice), the origins of fashion appeared. And with fashion came fashion designers, fashion models, wannabe fashion models, and finally people who had no conscionable right to choose their own wardrobes and subject the populace to the most heinous of injustices - crimes of fashion! An entirely new, elite enforement agency was needed to deal with the threat created by this malicious new breed of criminal. It was then, in the Dark Ages of our world's history, that The Fashion Police came to be.
For nearly a millennium and a half, The Fashion Police has operated as an autonomous agency of volunteers, commonly known as Fashion Vigilantes.

The organization is sometimes seen as a mythical entity due to the highly secretive nature of its operations and its mobile police headquarters, currently based in the heart of the (edited) district of the city of (edited).

Early Fashion Vigilante
Posing as a Fashion Photographer

Fashion Police Officer
Confronting a Pair of Suspects
UPDATE: The Fashion Police organization has recently been acquired by the Divine Portal of Heaven Hell Purgatory™. As a result of the acquisition, our jail has been renamed Fashion Hell and will be chronicled by the great Dante Alighieri.
"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."
- Oscar Wilde
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