Fashion Police Vigilante

How to Report Crimes to The Fashion Police

To file a crime report with The Fashion Police, email us immediately at with the SUBJECT "Crime Report" and attach a photo of the alleged fashion criminal (see photo restrictions below).
You may, but are not required to, include additional commentary or evidence supporting your accusation. Photos from any period in history are acceptable and are encouraged. Fashion crimes have no statute of limitations!

  • Attached photos must be under 100 KB in size,
  • Photos may NOT include any nudity (sorry),
  • Do NOT send copyrighted photos (unless they are yours)
To increase the likelihood of your crime report being filed by one of our officers (and your submission appearing on our site), you may make a "donation" of your choice to The Fashion Police. We also tend to favor existing fashion vigilantes - see our JOIN page for details.
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Okay, so our officers CAN be bribed. . . we never said that we were perfect.
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