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Make Your Own Fashion Statements - Cast Your Vote as Our Jury

Cast your vote as a member of The Fashion Police jury for the 3 suspects currently on trial below. You can use your vote to acquit them of their alleged fashion crime or to sentence them to one of the nine circles of Fashion Hell (see explanation below).
You may also make your own fashion statements about the suspects to support your vote. We will select one of the fashion statements as the official sentence to reside with the criminal in Hell if he or she is convicted (along with your name or nickname).

THE NINE CIRCLES OF FASHION HELL: As a rule of thumb, Fashion Hell is organized from the 1st Circle (minor fashion crimes) to the 9th Circle (the most evil and horrific fashion crimes imaginable). However, you will also see a description of each circle to guide you in your decision. Vote well, because these sentences are for Eternity!
New suspects added April 22, 2004. Send in your Fashion Crime Reports!

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