The Gates of Fashion Hell

Welcome to My Fashion Hell

Dante Alighieri in Hell
I, Dante Alighieri, have been summoned to chronicle the pain, suffering and torment of Fashion Hell and its tasteless inhabitants. You are welcome to visit all nine circles of Hell and ridicule, taunt or sympathize with the prisoners as you see fit.

NOTE: The Fashion Police jail has been renamed "Fashion Hell" in accordance with the terms of the Year 2003 acquisition of The Fashion Police by the Divine Portal of Heaven Hell Purgatory™.

Visit the Nine Circles of Fashion Hell

1st Circle - Limbo (1)
2nd Circle - Lust
3rd Circle - Gluttony (1)
4th Circle - Pride
5th Circle - Wrath (1)
6th Circle - Heresy (1)
7th Circle - Violence
8th Circle - Fraud (1)
9th Circle - Treachery (3)
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