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Where's the Glamour?!
by The Fashion Diva, Alexandra Szoenyi

What happened to glamour? Sure, Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry always look elegant and flawless, but how about the woman on Main Street? Back in the 30s, 40s and 50s, every woman looked elegant and well dressed. She was coiffed, gloved and had on perfect make-up, including red lips and penciled, arched eyebrows. Even if a woman wasn't a Rita Hayworth, she still looked pretty and polished. Class was the thing to have.
Nowadays, some women don't even care. Instead of making the most of their assets and looking polished, they either give up and decide to look wretched or apply to Extreme Makeover.

I dream of the day when women everywhere will return to glamour. Where women will feel required to leave the house with at least a touch of make-up and done hair. A place where not all girls are gorgeous, but no one is ugly because they try and look like ladies. Women everywhere: pickup the defining pencils, coif the hair and slip into those heels- it's time to let the glamour back in!
For those who still need help, here's your homework: Rent Hollywood glamour classics. Anything with Dietrich, Garbo, or Rita. All About Eve, Gilda, big Hollywood musicals of the 30s. Anything that oozes glamour. Marilyn Monroe is also a must. Take notes!
Avec Mon Amour,
The Fashion Diva
Alexandra "The Aristobrat" Szoenyi
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