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I HATE the Cold!
by The Fashion Diva, Alexandra Szoenyi

Hello and welcome to my fashion-obsessed, image-perfecting, ever-evolving world. My name is Vilma Alexandra de Fatima Szoenyi (phew!) and my mission is to fill you to the brim with my knowledge of what is hip, sexy and funky fresh. Yes, I said funky fresh. Feel free to use me like a plastic surgeon to get the look you desire. I will be your fairy fashion mother and grant you with good taste. As God as my witness, you will never look stupid again!
I seriously hope that you are all braving this bad weather with gorgeous, sumptuous coats and wicked hot boots. Yes, feel free to wear white (that Labor Day line went out with last season's clothes) but don't overdo it to the point where you look like you've lost your ski lift. To be honest with you guys, I am not a huge fan of cold weather. It's just an ugly, ugly invitation to get fat as a means of insulation. I cannot wait until it is mildly hot so I can run around half-naked and sing in glee. Until then, I will bear the cold with cute, snug-fitting sweaters and furry, poofy bomber jackets.

The most disturbing thing about the cold is the dilemma one gets into when planning a nighttime party outfit. Obviously one cannot go out in head-to-toe thermal gear and a ski mask. You want to look sexy but not freeze your assets off. The cure? Bring a chic wrap or wear something that's form fitting yet has long sleeves or a turtleneck. If you insist on going out in an itsy bitsy dress, at least wear a cardigan or prepare to pretend you're not cold. I mastered this in line for a hip San Francisco club in the rain wearing a small ruffle skirt and a tube top. Yes, a tube top. I had to pretend to be warm and not shiver because I would look like an idiot if I did. I acted like I had a built in heater in my clothes and looked at the shivering, more dressed girls there like they were nuts.
The last smart fashion tip of the day? Wear a hat. Dr. Alex (moi) says that most of the body's heat escapes from your head. (Aren't I a brainiac?) Wearing a cute hat will keep the heat in and add an edge to your masterpiece of an outfit.

Well, I hope that I have sprinkled you with enough knowledge to get you through these cold days. But fear not, there's more fashion tidbits to come and make you all warm and happy inside…for it's my duty to bequeath to you my sense of chic and keep the fashion crimes to a minimum!
Avec Mon Amour,
The Fashion Diva
Alexandra "The Aristobrat" Szoenyi
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