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Biography of The Fashion Diva, The Aristobrat, Alexandra Szoenyi

Vilma Alexandra de Fatima Szoenyi was born in San Francisco, CA on September 1, 1980, to a Colombian mother and Hungarian father. With French, Spanish and English also mixed into her heritage and growing up in the ultra-exotic San Francisco, she was bound to know a thing or two about diversity and style.

With a lavish family background and private Catholic schooling, she was able to indulge in the finer things and learn firsthand what style was all about. She was once a sorority girl, a FIDM student who won fashion design contests and currently is a student at San Francisco State University, studying both Journalism and Creative Writing, while keeping her other artistic talents (fashion, singing, dancing, art, etc.) alive.
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The Fashion Diva Speaks

Articles from Alexandra's fashion column, "The Fashion Diva Speaks", can be found in the menu at the top left of this page.
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