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Miami...Even the Fashion is Hot!

by The Fashion Diva, Alexandra Szoenyi

It's summertime and I am in super hot Miami, a city whose heat extends to its fashion and social scene. As I worked for The Related Group (real estate developers) and attended the grand opening party for their much sought after The Plaza on Brickell luxury condos, I was blinded by major bling, Rolexes and ladies carrying multiple designer bags and totes. People who were at the top of their game knew a status symbol in the property when they saw it and hundreds came to stake their claim.

You see, status is the key here in Miami, as well as a healthy dose (and balance) of both elegance and sex appeal. With such hot and humid weather, awesome bods are exposed by skin exposing looks- but don't expect the hot weather to mean flip flops and bermuda shorts or trashy looks. Strappy stilettos and bright colors add oomph to sunny summer styles and elegant, basic black is summerized by killer tans. Luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Gucci are must-haves for any Miami fashionista and dressing up and looking chic is just as valid for daytime than nighttime.
As an intern for the ultra lavish Ocean Drive Magazine, I am quickly learning that Miami is a celebrity and fashion magnet, a place to see and be seen- beauty, tropical weather and big money with a splash of Latinismo, top clubs and top designers bring in those who are number one and those who are quickly on their way there.
The Fashion Diva
Alexandra "The Aristobrat" Szoenyi
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