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Has God Answered My Prayers?
The Return of Ladylike Glamour

by The Fashion Diva, Alexandra Szoenyi

Someone up there must have heard my desperate pleas! Everywhere you look - from fashion runways to the Oscars and beyond, there has been a return to the glamour days of yesteryear. My eyes teared ever so slightly at the glorious sight of such beauties as Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson and Renee Zellweger as they embraced their inner Hollywood diva at The Academy Awards. There was ample use of my favorite fabric-satin- and the dresses were simple yet gorgeous. Angelina Jolie sparkled in a virginal white satin dress with a Marilyn Monroe-type plunging v neckline, and E!'s Maria Menounos literally sparkled in a diamond encrusted gown worth millions.

The colors were mostly subtle, nudes and whites, but some arrived in brilliant-colored gowns. Scarlett Johansson wore a vintage-looking dress that was the most beautiful shade of blue-green and Catherine Zeta-Jones wore a form-fighting, fire-red gown that yelled "Red is my color!" Jennifer Gardner glowed in a soft orange vintage gown that was beyond elegant and very warm. Color seemed to be absent in the hairstyles, though, as I have noticed many Hollywood stars like Charlize Theron, Christina Applegate and Naomi Watts are going for that Jean Harlow or Marilyn Monroe platinum shade, which I find to be very elegant and diva-like in its own right. It was balanced by deep tans and soft, glowing makeup, which finished off gorgeous Hollywood night. Very glamourous!
The ladies who luncheon also shed a tear of joy for the latest look to come off the runways - ladylike fashion. Tweed suits, girly colors, covering up! Audrey Hepburn and high society ladies are the heroes of the season. It's now about what you're covering up, not what you're showing. It's a full-on celebration of the girly-girl, who can now pull her little gloves and her kitten heels out of the closet with elation and feel confident in her admiration for the color pink. So pull out that cute little blazer or those string of pearls and remember the joys of being a girl. Channel the divas of yesteryear and put a little glamour in your life! It is fashion like this that truly reminds you why it's so wonderful to be a woman.
The Fashion Diva
Alexandra "The Aristobrat" Szoenyi
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